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January 18, 2008

Talk About an Abandoned Place You Know

Use the comments in this posting to submit abandoned places that you know about or remember from the past.


  1. How about Six Flags New Orleans? It has stood abandoned since Hurricane Katrina.

  2. I think Lion Country Safari in California is worth looking into. Some, if not most of the buildings are still around although not necessarily abandoned.

  3. Better two years after the original post than never :). There is a putt putt course located under Jockey's Ridge in Nags Head, NC. Yes--under. Jockey's Ridge is an extremely large sand dune and when the course was built in the '70's, the designers didn't take wind blown sand drift into consideration. They eventually gave up and abandoned it, but when the wind shifts and blows in from the east, you can still see the putting greens, castle, etc. Very eerie to see the spires of the castle rising up from the sand or astroturf putting greens sitting amongst sand.

  4. Chippewa Lake Park has always fascinated me. I grew up not too far from there, and we went boating with friends on the lake one time - the ruins are still standing (or were until very recently, at least.) It's in Chippewa Lake, OH.

  5. Don't forget the Log Jammer at Magic Mtn.
    -Paula P.

  6. Hello!
    I stumbled onto your website after searching for information on the abandoned water park off the I15 (Rock-a-hoola). I was wondering if you had ever traveled up to Big Bear and taken pictures of the now defunct Santa's Village in Skyforest. A lot of the old rides and buildings are still there and are visible from the highway. I remember going there as a kid and it is kind of sad and more than spooky to see the place in such disrepair. I hope you update your blog soon!


  7. What about Busch Gardens (Van Nuys)?
    -Christine W.

  8. Wow. Fascinating. I don't know if I found this more interesting or more depressing to see. Reminds me of Chippewa Lake in Ohio. Fun amusement park left decades in ruins.
    Steven T.

  9. Magic Mountain used to have a Troll Village. Some of the huts even had signs that said USC and UCLA. It was back in the 70's. I saw it again on the back lot in the 90's in an area not open to the public and it jogged my memory of it.
    Douglas H.

  10. How about Santa's Village on top of Mount had closed by the early 1980's, but the entryway was still fact, if you went down the fence line, you could get through the barb wire fence pretty easily, but if you went back up onto the roadway in for any length of time, you'd be chased off by the security guards protecting the broadcast towers and the observatory. I don't even know if the road up there is intact anymore...last I heard is it suffered major landslide damage a few years ago.

    1. Funny you post this comment today, Mr Bad Example. I just received some awesome photos of Santa's Village in Skyforest. I will be posting these soon.



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