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April 19, 2013

MDR Wish List

Finding the time to add new pages to Modern Day Ruins can sometimes be a challenge.  After all, it's only a fun hobby.  I've received many email messages with site requests - memorable places people would love to see added.  I even have a few in mind.  

Recently Yak wrote me and suggested I create a page listing the many places, and well, here it is.  Please drop me an email if you would like something added to this page, or better yet, if you would like to be a guest contributor and add a page for yourself.  The formula is easy, and I'd be happy to share.  Until then, here is MDR's wish list.  Thanks for reading and supporting the MDR blog.

- Brian
  • Ascot Motor Speedway in Gardena,
  • Lion's Dragstrip, near Carson or Dominguez Hills
  • Watson Shotgun range (across a large field from Lion's Dragstrip), 
  • Dominguez Shotgun range (near where the Goodyear blimp airship operations was/is) 
  • Busch Gardens (brewery and animal park)
  • Point Vincente/Fort McArthur military gun range (not far from Marineland), 
  • The old fishing barge off of Redondo Beach, 
  • The "Dominator" wreck --an old Liberty ship that ran aground at the north-western point of Palos Verdes, 
  • Japanese Deer Park not far from Knott's Berry Farm,     
  • Pacific Ocean Park has been beat to death as a "ruin" but I understand that it's been rebuilt.
  • The Bermite Factory in Saugus, CA
  • Disney's Pop Century Resort - now the Art of Animation Resort
  • Glendale, CA Air Terminal
  • The Six Flags Magic Mountain Monorail
  • Nike Missile Site (LA-55) near Marineland of the Pacific
  • Santa's Village in Skyforest
  • Skate Parks in Santa Barbara/Santa Barbara Tea Bowls
  • St. Francis Dam
  • Terranea Resort (update for Marineland of the Pacific)
  • Putt Putt Course in Jockey’s Ridge in Nags Head, NC
  • Chippewa Lake Park, OH
  • Rock-A-Hoola reopening as Oasis Lake Dolores?  (
  • Wet & Wild/Circus/MGM - Las Vegas
  • Eltich Gardens/ Mr. Twister
  • Geagua Lake, OH
  • Boblo Island
  • Six Flags Kentucky 
New Addition Requests
  • KGIL Radio Station - North Hills, CA
  • Disneyland: Skyway Station in Fantasyland; Mine Train Tunnel; Mike Fink Keel Boats  
  • The water park off 405 one exit before Disneyland (from the 70s)  
  • Irwindale Drag Strip  
  • Cars of the Stars and Movieland Wax Museum  
  • The J Ward Emporium on Hollywood Blvd  
  • The Jeckle and Hyde club from Grapevine Mills,  Dallas, Texas
  • Freedom Land in the Bronx, N.Y. (

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