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January 11, 2008

Southern California Closed Drive-Ins

There is a great website about closed drive-in theaters in Southern California. I remember the Panorama City, Winnetka 6, and Van Nuys/Sepulveda theaters. It would be great if this site added current pictures of the sites - then and now comparisons.

See it here: (link no longer valid as of 9-2012)

A ticket booth from the Sepulveda drive-in still standing today.

Sepulveda Drive-In
6127 Sepulveda Blvd.
Van Nuys, CA 91411

Screens: 1
Car Capacity: 1500

Opened: 1955
Closed: 1989

Here are some amazing Google Earth images that show the transformation of the Sepulveda Drive-in site (now a parking lot):

1989 (the screen is still there - on the left)






How about some other San Fernando Valley Drive-in Theaters?

Winnetka 6 (now Pacific Theaters)





Panorama City (now a Middle School)





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  1. You could add the Jet Drive Inn in Lancaster to this...there's a pretty good Google view of where it used to be (Search for 399 West Ave. L in Lancaster...the overhead view clearly shows where the screen and projection/snack bar building was, and the street view shows a portion of the wall that surrounded the place. The main building burned down in the 1990's)


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