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August 25, 2008

Abandoned Public Pool in Forest Falls, CA

We received a great photo of an abandoned public pool located in Forest Falls, CA from Valerie who lives in San Pedro, CA.

We will post more info as we get it.

Thanks Valerie!

2012 Update: An anonymous commented added the following information:

"Unfortunately, the cost of liability caused the closing of the pool."  " has been closed 40+ years."
See the comments before for the full message.

1 comment:

  1. This pool was the center of my summer life from birth until I was 18. We lived in Forest Falls every summer. All of us spent our days at the "Sip and Dip." There was the pool and across the street was a cafe/store. On weekends there would be dances and movies in the hall attached to the cafe. I have so many fond memories of my teenage years and summer loves. Both my older brother and I became lifeguards at the pool in our teens. Unfortunately, the cost of liability caused the closing of the pool. I still spend much of my summer up there. The sad site of the pool always tugs at the heartstrings, even though it has been closed 40+ years.


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