January 11, 2008

Unknown Miniature Golf Course - Canoga Park, CA

For years this old miniature golf course was left abandoned near the corner of Erin Street and Topanga Canyon Blvd. in Canoga Park, CA. I remember going there as a child. I have not been able to find any information on this course, nor any photos online (besides this aerial view from Microsoft Live Maps).

This course is being removed to make way for the expanded Westfield Topanga Mall.
Read more about it here.

Supposedly there was also an amusement park, a giant slide, driving range, arcade with mini bowling, and trampolines as well.

Please be sure to post comments if you know more about this course.


  1. Was this called Canoga Park Golf 'n Stuff?

  2. I have very vague memories of this place. I seem to remember a giant golf ball on a tee, as well as a giant slide near the corner.

  3. dburdick - you are right... the giant golf ball on a tee jogs a memory - I can remember seeing something like that there.


  4. I remember that they used to have an arcade with helicopter ride that you had to use the nose to touch the the pegs which were lighted at the end. And if I'm not mistaken they also had boats on the back side of the food stand.

  5. I remember the giant slides too and have tried to find photos. Wasn't there a trampoline "park" there too with about a dozen trampolines?

  6. I believe the giant golf ball was near the southern edge closest to McDonald's as I recall being able to see it from the drive-thru.

  7. Yeah I used to go there all the time. The mini golf was really impressive. They took out the slide but the golf stayed open a few years after that. There are a few photos of the slide online.

    1. and a tiki theme snack bar

  8. I found a picture of the big slide in a video on youtube here's the link : http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9PPK8U279L0 Around 3:22