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August 25, 2008

Marineland of the Pacific Sky Tower

Since the Marineland of the Pacific Sky Tower stood abandoned for 10 years before it was finally taken down, it deserves a post of its own.

According to the Point Vicente Interpretive Center,

"The tower was taken down as it was a navigational hazard to aircraft. Vandals had taken all of the copper wiring and it no longer had a light on top of it. The City announced that it was to be taken down, hired extra people to man the phones for the complaints, and did not receive one phone call."

There aren't many pictures online... this is what Modern Day Ruins has found so far:

The abandoned tower can be seen in these 1994 images.

This is the only photo I have found online of the abandoned Sky Tower:
Special Thanks to JW Jet on Flickr for the awesome photos!


 Photos of what the Sky Tower looked like when Marineland of the Pacific was opened

some tall towers. (Sept 18, 1995)
"Cleveland Wrecking Co. was hired to demolish the 350-ft. Sky Tower at California's Marineland of the Pacific. Cleveland Wrecking accomplished the task by bringing the tower down in sections using a 250-ton crane. Carl Bolander and Sons Co. was hired to demolish U S West Inc.'s 240-ft. microwave tower on top of a 75-ft.-tall building in Cedar Rapids, MI. Carl Bolander accomplished the task by using a specialized portable tower crane with a 125-ft. remote-controlled jib. The safe and efficient removal of these two towers exemplify the use of considerable engineering and planning skills in demolition work."
Read a news article here.

Modern Day Ruins is still looking for a ground photos of the abandoned Sky Tower!  Email us if you come across any.



  2. A big thank you to all the business people for ruining Americana historical sites.

  3. Some really good video footage can be found in Season 6, episode 15 of the TV series "Emergency" which originally aired on February 12th 1977. John Gage and Roy DeSoto have to rescue a man trapped on top of the tower. Beautiful shots of the tower in action and the surrounding Marineland facilities and of course the ocean.

  4. The Oklahoma City Fair Grounds has an identical tower that is not operating due to a fried control system. I wonder if the control system was saved although without the cooper. I will try to contact Cleveland Wrecking but if you know, drop me a line at .

    1. Thanks for the tip... posted a link to an article below!


    Oklahoma State Fair's Space Tower still soars in fairgoers memories

    Long a favorite feature of the Oklahoma State Fair, the Space Tower closed in 2010 because of mechanical issues. Although the tower still stands at the park, fair officials doubt it will ever be open for rides again.

  6. Check the movie 'Blood of Dracula's Castle (1969). Scenes near beginning takes place in Marine Land, particularly the Sky Tower. In Color.


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