October 18, 2013

El Pueblito Beach Resort, Cancun

El Pueblito

From the hotel description on travel websites:  

El Pueblito Beach Hotel is an all-inclusive resort located on the best beach in Cancun, is the perfect enclosure combining a traditional Mexican atmosphere with the vanguard and ecological development of a cosmopolitan environment. The colonial style architecture and traditional activities will make you live the experience of a Mexican atmosphere in the Caribbean.

The Hotel offers a selection of daytime activities as well as a variety of water sports availables at the premices. In the evening live music in "La Cantina" Lobby Bar an old mexican style bar that will make feel like drinking Tequila and singing "Mariachi". 

El Pueblito Beach Hotel has 29 small buildings with 3 or 4 floors surrounded by gardens, each building has 3 or 7 rooms per floor, with superior and penthouse rooms.

350 rooms. 
5 cascading pools. 
All rooms have balcony or terrace, individually controlled air-conditioning, private bathroom, color T.V., telephone.

Our beautiful rooms are distribuited in 29 colonial villas decorated with typical Mexican style elements, exactly what you need to relax.

View the original website on the Internet Archive.

El Pueblito Marketing Video

Hurricane Wilma

Hurricane Wilma was the most intense tropical cyclone ever recorded in the Atlantic basin. Wilma was the twenty-second storm, thirteenth hurricane, sixth major hurricane, fourth Category 5 hurricane.
Total fatalities: 62
Lowest pressure: 882 mb
Highest winds: 183 mph (295 km/h)
Date: October 15, 2005 – October 26, 2005
Category: Category 5 Hurricane (SSHS)
Affected areas: Atlantic Canada, Yucatán, Cayman Islands, More

Like the rest of the hotels in Cancun, the El Pueblito was hit hard by Hurricane Wilma.  According to http://www.afterwilma.info/cancun-hotel-zone/, the hotel hoped to be fully operational by May 2006, but this didn’t happen.

Opened: Not sure the exact opening date, but based on a post here, the hotel was open in 1987.  It's at least that old. Another post, states it was as old as the 1970's.
September 6, 2007: "I worked there 20 years ago it was a dump when it was NEW there were always complaints from the guests about electricity plumbing AC. I doubt that anything has changed much."

Closed and Abandoned: Sometime in late 2006, after Hurricane Wilma.
Today: Still abandoned

Research on the closing of the resort:

Most of the information showing El Pueblito went through a period of opening and repairs after Wilma come from posts made by forum users.  The best source found however, was from an article Beaches bring benefits: Cancun struggles to restore shorelines wrecked by Wilma published on March 9, 2006.  This article had a photo of a crew working to repair El Pueblito (below).

LUIS J. JIMENEZ / Copley News Service (Early 2006)
At Cancun's El Pueblito hotel, workers rushed to finish repairs caused by October's Hurricane Wilma.


February 4, 2006:  "Got a call from my travel agent today, and she stated that El Pueblito will be opening back up March 1, 2006, but with minor renovations taking play maybe until may, but at least in april... All entertainment will be relocated to the pool area also.."
February 17, 2006: "Ok, not great news here guys. Call your travel agents and get them on the horn, word is that El Pueblito will NOT open until May 1, 2006"
The following email from El Pueblito received on March 10, 2006:

"Let me inform you that the Hotel is open partialy, we just have open aprox 50 rooms. I hope in May all roms(349) are going to be ready.

-We have open 2 restaurants
-The lobby bar
-Five pools and slidewater
-The entertaiment team offers activities during day and night

If you have any further assistance do not hestiate to contact me

Best Regards

Adriana Castil
Encargada de reservaciones/Reservations Manger
Tel: 998 - 881 8800
Fax: 998 - 885 2066
msn: acastilu@hotmail.com

May 4, 2006:
"Ok guys - just got home last night from Cancun and wanted to let eveyone who has reservations at the El Pueblito know that all is good! The beach, the hotel, the staff - ALL IS GOOD!! Even though only about 40% of the rooms are available for use, the resort is up and running and we weren't a bit disappointed in chosing the El Pueblito. We were there from April 26 through May 3, 2006 and we're already making plans to be there again in 2007. Hopefully I'll have pictures to post within the next few days. Again - ALL IS GOOD at the El Pueblito!"

December 23, 2006:   STATUS - CLOSED
"Does anyone know what is going on with El Pueblito? I know its closed (supposedly for completion of renovations), but I can't seem to find anyone who can tell me when its due to re-open...if its going to re-open at all. My aunt has a condo there and has had it for the past 30 years. She is from NY and so she winters here...doesn't look like that's happening this year. I appreciate any information. Thanks!"

January 17, 2007 from this page.
"I have a family member who owns a condo at El Pueblito (small property next to Playa Delfines). She is an owner (not timeshare) since the 70's and needs some help with the current hotel situation. The "situation" is this: El Pueblito closed in the fall with no listed date of re-opening. The condo owners are being told that the owners of El Pueblito are waiting to see if a Spanish company will purchase the property and continue renovating (which they can't do without the signatures and approval of condo owners). In any case, its a HUGE mess. 

I would like to ask if any of you guys know of a local lawyer (who has some influence) who would work with the condo owners on this."

Google Earth







This photo was taken in February 2006, shortly after Hurricane Wilma.

Also 2006

This photo was taken in October 2013.

Comparison July 2005.  Notice the blue on building in background.  That is to the right in the photos above.

Same area, October 2013

Same area, October 2013

Kids Club/Area

Kids area, October 2013

Kids area (different place from above)

Pool Area





2013 (see yellow painting at bar in photo below, curved trunk on left matches.)



2013 (compare the "bench" on the left to the image below)


2005 (the hut roof is gone, blue walls are now white)

2005 (the hut roof is gone, blue walls are now white)



Detail, top center building, 2013

Details Right Side From Beach









The Wall


How sad is it to see how much people enjoyed the resort?



Front Sign



Above From Crystal


March 9, 2006
This article has a photo of repairs going on at El Pueblito.

A Story of Staying at El Pueblito during Hurricane Wilma

"We stayed in 2005 when Hurricane Wilma hit. We were evacuated into a school in Cancun. The staff were amazing they looked after us stayed with us and cared for us beyond belief. It was a very threatening and scary time. The staff were amazing the hurricane proceedure was well planned and went smoothly. Our rooms my teenagers, husband and I were near to the sea wall the buildings were steady although trashed but weathered the storm. I am so glad we stayed here other people were in their hotels throghout the hurricane and suffered terribly. Wilma was no walk in the park.. We have a great fondness for the staff and owners of this hotel ...good people Don't diss this hotel.
From a Travel website review.

The Unknown Structure Next Door (Right from Beach)

Does anyone know anything about the structure next door?



Notice the guy digging! (2013)


Some photos from 2010


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  3. Very sad to see it like this! Stayed there back in 2000 and had a great time! Ian and Suzy

  4. The unknown structure is the old theatre where the shows would be presented or the special supper evening... They would also welcome the new arrivals there for their information session...

  5. WOW, thanks Francis for the info! Do you have any photos of what it looked like when it was open? So it was part of El Pueblito!!

  6. I managed to access into the hotel and took a bunch of photos. I'll email them to you when I'm back home :-)

  7. We stayed at the El Pueblito 6 times between 2001-2005. We had a lot of fun there. We always stayed in the same room in a building right next to that structure. It was NOT part of El Pueblito. It was in fact a banquet hall names the El Rey. Wedding receptions were held there. We walked over one night when one was being set up and it was beautiful inside. We have a lot of great memories of El Pueblito. It never was a top of the line hotel, but it was very affordable and fun. Gina C.

  8. It was never part of El Pueblito. We always stayed in the room right next to it. It was called the El Rey and it was a banquet hall. Many local brides would have their reception there. It was beautiful inside and fenced off so beach goers or hotel patrons could not go onto the property. We ventured up to the front doors one day when they were setting up for a wedding party. Very nice place. El Pueblito was never a five star hotel, but we stayed there often. It was always fun and affordable. We have a lot of great memories there! Sad to see it in such poor condition. We will miss it.

  9. All the travel sites still have the listings with pictures- it was very cute with a Mexican theme, large rooms and quaint villas. I loved it. Anyone know of any similar resorts with small villas and theming?

  10. Yes! Please, if anyone knows of a place similar to El Pueblito, please post or write to jgw2020@gmail.com
    Thank you!

  11. I had a good time here i 2004, sad to see how it has ended up. Jimmy was a funny guy

  12. Just came back from a stay at Crown Paradise Cancun. Thought it was neat that next door was El Pueblito in ruins - a hotel I had stayed at back in ~1988. Got me thinking that back then there was another ruined hotel in Cancun. Believe it was near today's Melia Cancun or Oasis Cancun. It was Moorish/Persian in design and believe had been under construction during Hurricane Gilbert when it was damaged - and never finished. When in Cancun in ~1988 it's ocean front areas were collapsing onto the beach. Thought it was called Las Dunas or something like that. Anyone out there remember this?

  13. I just found out about this today! I'm a little late to the party, but just as sad as everyone else about this. I stayed at the El Pueblito for 8 days back in July of 2000. It was an anniversary trip with an ex. Cancun was one the best trips I have ever taken in my entire 35 years. The entertainment team was the best on the island. There was always something to do, somewhere to go, and if you weren't going anywhere, the restaurants had great food, and the bartenders were so entertaining. Really sad to hear that this place was so damaged and had to close for good. I was hoping that some day I'd be able to revisit El Pueblito and relive my teens...even if it would be for just a little while.

  14. I made the unfortunate mistake of buying there and booking a trip in December 2006 for a good part of the extended family. 15 people in all. They were quite slow in letting me know that it was still dead on arrival. I booked in October 2006 and they took the booking. We all flew there and arrived to find it closed.. at Christmas time. It turned out to be a trying but memorable week and still got to Chichen Itza and Xcaret.

    The 9 grand I spent on points however to keep returning after the fantastic time we had in 2005 were just gone.

  15. stayed here in 99, sad to see it in such a state